Deniz Terli’s passion for shoes is deeply rooted in her fascination for the expression of femininity and seduction. In a world where being female is defined by being the opposite of male, a lot our femininity is submerged in submissive and negative connotations. A lot of that what makes us feminine is often also that what makes us vulnerable. 

High heel shoes are the one product that will give every wearer: male, female and everything in between, an immediate female allure. Any sense of masculinity is stripped away and that’s why Deniz views high heels not only as the ultimate symbol of femininity, but also as a dangerous weapon in a woman’s arsenal. 

Shoes are the medium for Deniz to express her views on seduction, sexuality and feminity,  creating her own female archetypes like the Warrior, the Thrill-Seeker and the Seducer.

My mission is all about enhancing female power and armoring my clients with the right gear to charge through life feeling like the sexy, feminine and strong women they are, whilst stripping away any submissive connotations. 
— Deniz terli

Deniz Terli is known for her artistic and conceptual footwear, landing her the MUUSE x VOGUE Talents – Young Vision Accessories Award 2014, picked by Vogue Italia fashion editor Sara Maino “For the futuristic lines, the sense of volumes and a different femininity

After earning her master degree in footwear design in 2012, the career of the Rotterdam based designer, picked up fast, being one of 21 young designers in the Netherlands to receive a talent development grant from Creative Industries Fund NL and exhibiting all over the world. Her work has been featured in the likes of the New York Times Magazine and she was commissioned to design shoes for Hollywood blockbuster The Hunger Games. 

In 2017 Deniz launched her first ready-to-wear collection, expanding her visions from the catwalk to the streets and realizing her dream to empower real women on every day basis.