Results of first week in Belgrade, where designers got to learn traditional techniques and apply them to their own design. 06/04/2016 - 09/04/2016


Shoes designed for collaboration with fashion designer Nanna van Blaaderen, who as a finalist of the Woolmark Prize showed her collection at New York Fashion Week. 13/02/2016


Belgrade, 22/10/2015-25/10/2015

The third stage of the design project Exploring Inspirations, supported by Stimulering Creative Industries Fund of the Netherlands, will start October 19th. As in the previous stages, the side programme will consist of lectures and a pop-up exhibition of shoes.
The joint pop-up exhibition of Dutch designer participants and local shoe designers will be opened on October 21st at 8 pm in the Big Gallery. Besides the Dutch designers Deniz Terli and Amber Ambrose Aurele, several local shoe designers are invited to present their work: LILU by Danijela Biškup, Rish shoes, Ana Popović shoes, Budislava Keković, Iva Ljubinković, Naša posla, Ivana Lazarević...
The aim of the exhibition is once again comparison of the approaches of Dutch and Serbian colleagues and exchange of experiences, as well as presenting it to the general public. The Dutch guests will also have short 15 minute presentations of their work and career at the opening, and some of the local designers will present their work at the closing on the 23rd. 
The lectures of Dutch experts will be given in Gradstor Design Hub, 1 Pop Lukina street on October 23rd and 24th from 6 pm. Inge Specht den Boer, a curator of the Leather and Shoe Museum in Amsterdam will give an indepth look into the shoe design in the Netherlands of the second half of XX century, while Branko Popović, one of the founders of the FASHIONCLASH festival held in Maastricht will talk about the contemporary scene and shoe designers who are currently in focus.


Düsseldorf, 06/02/2015-09/02/2015

A solo stand at the 3 day shoe fair GDS in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Paris, January 26th

At MUUSE PROJECTS, we mentor, rotating our crop of new talent seasonally to develop collections designed by a true collective. Our designers are not only individually named on the MUUSE PROJECTS label for the pieces they design, but they also earn an income doing what they have passionately trained for years to do. Accompanying designers through the industrial process, we turn the next generation’s ideas into something unique. MUUSE PROJECTS has transformed the traditional fashion design studio into a truly pedagogic and innovative business. 

At MUUSE PROJECTS we cultivate fashion, give talented designers real world experience and launch careers.


Kuweit, 9/1/-2015 - 20/1/2015


Cologne, 14/11/2014 -16/11/2014


The New Fashion Format in Cologne More than 30 national & international Young Couture labels present and sell their latest collections. 

The long-awaited premier of the CFD | COLOGNE FASHION DAYS 2014, a three-day trade fair for fashion enthusiasts, will take place in THE NEW YORKER | DOCK.ONE in Cologne-Mülheim from the 14th through the 16th of November. The CFD will also provide a brilliant and promising framework for the 4th edition of the highly successful COLOGNE CATWALK, which will take place on the 15th of November.More than 30 fashion labels from Germany and abroad will present their latest collections and sell these directly to ultimate consumers. In addition to innovative designers from Germany and numerous international labels, including, among others, BRACHMANN, LAROMO + PADICI or JOLONTÉ VOUS!, the local Cologne fashion scene is represented by the likes of, among others, CHANG13 and LIEV by Olivia Zirkel. Special guest country this year is the Netherlands. In cooperation with the internationally active, fashion platform FASHIONCLASH from Maastricht, the Netherlands are presenting a choice selection of ten Dutch designers, including BAS KOSTERS, ebby port, Deniz Terli, Chris van den Elzen, Judith van Vliet and Liselore Frowijn, in the THINK DUTCH SPACE.
On all three fair days, an interesting supplementary program will present lectures, interviews and talks revolving around the world of fashion on the CFD Stage. Finally, fashion schools will also provide information on their educational programs like Design Department from Düsseldorf.


Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 18/10/2014 - 26/10/2014

Creative Industries Fund NL presents Young Talent at Dutch Design Week

What makes someone a talent? How is talent moulded? That is the pivotal question addressed by this exhibition at the Schellensfabriek in Eindhoven. Factors that play a role in the shaping of talent – equipment, production processes, influential books, role models and correspondence – were investigated and amassed for this presentation. Do people acquire talent through practical experience or are they born with it? ‘With this exhibition I wanted to separate the notion of talent from its aura of mystery and dissect the actual qualities and other factors that contribute to the shaping of talent,’ explains curator Agata Jaworska.

New work and interpreting current trends
In No Particular Order presents work by individual talents, but also reveals trends and interrelationships. Sketchbooks, personal libraries, studios, working methods and ideas are combined to provide a surprising insight into this young generation of creatives. This reveals overarching themes such as interdisciplinary approaches and critical visions. ‘I don’t want to survive in a design world that is totally fixated on mass production and products,’ says designer Jólan van der Wiel, while fashion designer Pauline van Dongen questions the very field in which she operates: ‘The fashion industry is so dominant that almost nobody reconsiders the way we produce and distribute.’

The exhibition features work by Adriaan AarnoudseAliki van der KruijsArna MackicBeer van GeerBoris de BeijerDanny CremersDeniz TerliElisabeth KlementFoteini SetakiIrma FöldényiJinhyun JeonJólan van der WielJorge BakkerLinda ValkemanMaaike FransenPauline van DongenPieter StoutjesdijkPinar DemirdagRick van der LindenRogier Delfos and Viola Renate.

Talent development grants
Talent development is one of the Fund’s five objectives. Up to 30 highly promising designers/creatives are selected for a grant every year. The Fund also offers a supporting programme to improve the tie-in with professional practice. There is coaching and support for the group and on an individual basis to develop entrepreneurial skills and professionalism, where possible tailored to individual needs.

18–26 October 2014
11:00–20:00 daily
Schellensfabriek, Vestdijk 280, Eindhoven


Vienna, 18/7/2014 - 5/10/2014


Dutch Leather & Shoe Museum, 2/7/2014 - 31/8/2014

Exhibition of former shoe design students at the Dutch Leather & Shoe Museum.


BERLIN, 21/2/2014 - 22/2/2014


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam


Clarks innovates during the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2014 in Amsterdam, held from January 17 till 27, with the first fashion catwalk shoes show. To support new design talents Clarks challenged different designers from the Dutch Shoe Academy in Utrecht to participate in this shoe contest for this special event.

10 nominated designers have designed a private collection of three pairs of shoes (women/men), in which his/her personal style and identity as a designer are clearly visible. And a pair of shoes, based on the 'Bombay Lights' pump from Clarks. These unique designs are presented for the first time on Saturday, January 25th, during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam.

The participating designers:
Amber Ambrose Aurèle - Deniz Terli - Dora Kloppenburg - Titia Keuning - Janine van den Bosch - Kina Helm - Laura de Weijer - Lieke de Koning - Milou Hillegers & Leonie Huinink, Kumar Autar & Doresito

The jury (Carlo Wijnands/Programme Director Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam, Geraldien Prud'homme/editor in chief Schoenvisie, Liza Snook/owner Virtual Shoe Museum and Judith van Kaathoven/marketingmanager Clarks) will select the winner and at the end of the show style icon and shoe lover Victoria Koblenko will announce the winner of the Clarks Shoe Design Award 2014.


FINALIST in competition Footrocker, Milan, 15/9/2013 - 18/9/2013


Vigevano, Milan. 14/9/2013 - 10/12/2013



Arnhem, summer 2013

We worship objects that offer us an erotic band and simultaneously form a bridge to who we are, our ancestors, our minds; an animistic principle that is becoming increasingly important in our contemporary culture.

ELEVATION, the shoe exhibition located at MOBA CENTRAL, devotes its attention to shoes and the passion with which we consider them; these days we ar all becoming shoe fetishists. Imelde Marco is no longer the exception but the rule! Women literally put themselves on a pedestal, wearing even higher heels and platform shoes; giving rise to the name of the exhibition. 

"The focus of the exhibition is our obsession with literally raising ourselves above the masses via our shoes" 


Amsterdam, gallery Pien Rademakers, 23/01/2013-29/01/2013


ISTANBUL, 10/10/2012-12/12/2012

After a successful first edition of SALON/ Istanbul in the city of Amsterdam, the Turkish sequel has begun. SALON/Istanbul is an official part of the first Istanbul Design Biennial organized by IKSV. On this meeting point of East and West SALON/ initiates a dialogue between fashion, design and culture. 

As usual SALON/ acts as a platform for talents from the fields of fashion, design, art and culture. The ambition is to stimulate the interaction between designer, public and location down the historic city center. Using a route SALON/ showcases its passion for interdisciplinary collaborations. 

The 15th of October counts as a highlight with a fashion show evening. Following an exclusive diner on the ship, fashion designers Mattijs van Bergen, Bas Kosters, Hyun Yeu, Antoin Peters, Hatice Gokce and Umit Unal will present their work using the ship and the quay as a setting of their show. 

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To read about participants and learn more about the programme items, follow our blog at


Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, 20/10/2012 - 18/10/2012

Connecting schools and institutes that bring innovation to footwear is one of SLEM's goals and we are proud to say that by now we have a worldwide footwear education network, from vocational colleges to post graduate courses. All of them produce great work which would otherwise only be shown to a local audience. Watch our Steps brings these works together in a breathtaking annual exhibition that celebrates creativity in footwear.


Amsterdam, 30/07/2012 - 15/08/2012

With each new edition, SALON/ expands and connects her existing network with new participants; this time it contains the creative network of the Netherlands and Turkey, as part of the celebration of 400 years of cultural relationships (NLTR400), where SALON/ is invited to be part of Istanbul first official Design Biennial organized by IKSV.

SALON/Istanbul displays Dutch and Turkish fashion and product design, art and multimedia installations, divided over several locations. In particular, SALON/Istanbul will reveal a tip of the iceberg of the SALON/Istanbul workshop followed by 15 young and independent designers in preparation of SALON/TRduring the Istanbul Design Biennial later this year. Far beyond traditional oppositions as between center and periphery, craft and concept, fashion and art, and commerce and autonomy, it primarily addresses how new generations of artists and designers work (together) and give expression to their ideas. But there’s more, new work of designers who participated on earlier SALON/ editions and many new ambitious talents will present themselves at SALON/Istanbul.

On that account, SALON/Istanbul transcends borders between fashion, art and design, both literally and figuratively.

SALON/istanbul is a co-collaboration with Dutch DFA, SICA, Het Nederlands Consulaat in Istanbul and ROMAN Hazır Giyim.